Who what why

We take the time and make the effort to understand our clients inside out. By getting to know the people who work behind the scenes, we develop a connection with our clients deep enough that we can plan, strategise and work with them to deliver the results they want. Through a strong data-led, creative process, we produce results that resonate with our clients and their customers.

Who we are

We are a tight-knit team centred on delivering performance-focused solutions to businesses. Our strategic senior marketing managers are centrally supported by skilled digital marketing, media, copy and design experts. We don’t have gaps to fill – just your growth to focus on. Read More…

What we do

Roger, Roger provide outsourced marketing strategies and resources to Kiwi SME’s. We action positive growth by uncovering data, bettering processes and engaging meaningful digital strategies that align with a business’ brand, its values, its people.

Why we do what we do

We believe in what we do – marketing isn’t ‘just a thing’ it’s ‘our thing’. Marketing is about human connections above all else, so we value the open communication and honesty we have with our clients and ourselves – it keeps things real.

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