We measure

Data is at the heart of what we do – from planning to execution. We measure to provide insights, put it to the test, and learn on how it can deliver higher conversions and higher business returns. You can’t improve if you’re not measuring and learning.

Why is it important?

Data-backed strategies can be key to effective marketing. Measuring data and insights provide better opportunities to understand customer behaviour, improve buyer’s journey, and ultimately lay the ground foundation for stronger and smarter strategic decisions.

Data Analysis and Insights

We don’t go through data just for the fun of it. By analysing the information generated from your business’ channels, we can better understand customer behaviours. We then extract which data and insights help boost marketing performance.

Website Conversion Optimisation

Websites are made to move – and conversions happen across the board, from homepage to landing pages, to blogs and contact info. Each conversion presents an opportunity for us to guide customers deeper into a site – for example, incorporating breakout boxes, free signups, or special product links.

A/B Testing

Split testing allows us to take the guesswork out of optimisation and have a more definite approach. By comparing the performance of two versions of a web page or app, we collect data to make better decisions around metric changes before we make changes.

User Engagement Tracking

When you keep tabs on your customers’ engagement across your website, apps and social channels, you can better understand what’s keeping them interested in your business – i.e. which posts are they liking, sharing, or commenting on. Tracking the right components of engagement, means improving – and maintaining – customer metrics.

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