Web Hosting Service Level Agreement

This SLA outlines the Agreement between Roger Roger Marketing (“RRM”) and The Customer (“You”) and addresses the uptime guarantees in relation to the web hosting services we provide to you and your remedies for our failure to meet such guarantees. 

The remedies contained in this SLA are your sole and exclusive remedies for any issues addressed herein. We may update this SLA from time to time in our sole discretion; 

1.0 Technical Support

Technical support will be provided by RRM in direct relation to the hosting, storage and servers associated with your web hosting service agreement. Web development and site management is not covered within this Agreement, though may organised within a wider marketing support package if required.

Support Hours:
9am – 5pm NZST
Available Monday – Friday
Support Contact Details: 0800 764 377

2.0 Service Availability

RRM’s primary commitment is to provide outstanding web hosting services to all customers. To support this commitment, RRM assures at least 99.95% server availability. This availability is calculated in a monthly basis. 

This figure does not include availability loss caused by circumstances that are out of RRM’s control such as unavailability of major national communication backbones, Denial of Service attacks and other types of attacks.

3.0 Scheduled Maintenance

To maintain optimal performance and security of our servers, RRM will perform routine maintenance on the servers on a regular basis, which may require servers to be removed from service temporary. 

RRM reserves two hours of server unavailability per month for maintenance purposes. This server unavailability will not be included in server uptime calculations. The maintenance is typically performed during off-peak hours. RRM will provide you with advance notice of maintenance whenever possible.

4.0  SLA Credits

You are entitled to a credit of 5% of the applicable monthly Fees for each full hour of downtime in excess of the Service Availability targets. (For example, you will receive a 5% credit for between 1 and 60 minutes of downtime in excess of the Service Availability targets, a 10% credit for between 61 and 120 minutes, etc.) 

In order to receive a credit, you must contact Support within 30 days of the event giving rise to the credit. Credits are based on our monitoring, shall not exceed 100% of the applicable monthly Fees, may not be carried over or aggregated, are forfeited at the expiration or termination of the Agreement, and will not be paid or provided as a refund.

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