How to convert your traffic into paying customers

We delivered the expertise needed to serve on the frontline.

Operating in an ever-competitive marketplace, our client needed to maintain their key position as an industry leader and fulfil customer expectations..

So, we actioned greater efficiency across their online operations. We implemented website optimisation and lead generation measures to drive more customers to their business and uncover greater opportunities for improvement.

Our work has enabled their team to step back and direct their energies into serving their customers.

Core directives in focus

With no existing internal digital marketing team or strategies in place, we developed a plan that would deliver on business requirements. We focused on their core directive: Highlight their brand and services and in an industry significantly heated with demand for personal loans.

Key goals included . . .

Driving more people to their website

Increasing the number of application completion within budget range

Decreasing the cost per lead acquisition

The results hit the target . . .

Strategies we implemented

Site Management

User Engagement Tracking

A/B Testing

Analytics & Reporting

Systems we used


Increase in started applications


Increase in completed applications


Decrease in cost per completed application

In an increasingly competitive industry, our client knew they had to act quickly to keep their top-ranking position and secure sales leads.

Value driven, heart lead

Ensuring the continued delivery of honest and transparent loan solutions and support to New Zealand communities, is essential to our Kiwi-owned and operated client. Which means their team needs to stay on the frontline of their operations – at all times – to maintain meaningful and trusting relationships.

Without the luxury of an inhouse digital marketing team, or the time to effectively execute a lead generation master plan or segment and target their audience to fit their content strategy, our client required our expertise for greater growth forward.

Marketing professionals executing the right conversion optimisation strategies for greater business results.

We needed to create visual content that was memorable enough to attract these potential customers and impact their decision-making.

Not just keeping up, staying ahead

Addressing matters . . .
Our clients operate in a very competitive industry, operating against a stream of other providers, all vying for customers in need of personal loans. To maintain their strong position, means ensuring their message reaches far and wide – beyond their own digital channels. We needed to get their brand in front of new customers and maintain continued reach to existing.

To execute this, we stepped their online platforms up visually and vocally. We created visual content that was memorable enough to attract these potential customers and impact their decision-making, driving people to their website and increasing the number of loan application completion within their budget range – simultaneously decreasing the cost per lead acquisition.

Lockdown on audience . . .
Identifying who we were targeting was essential to project success. Using Google Analytics, we analysed existing audiences, questioning:
What technology they use? When they use it? What kind of visual content or keywords they mostly react to – and what they interact with?

By engaging Facebook Audience Insights and AdWords Keyword Planner, we sourced then targeted our specific group, revealing what they are looking for online and when they’re having budget shortfall problems. As a result, we better secured our content placement decisions, ensuring it was directed into the right channels.

Executing our plan . . .

Through careful analysis, understanding of key branding requirements and purpose, and via thorough step-by-step initiatives, we met our end goal.

Step 1: Set-Up and Tracking

We installed system integrations:

Step 2: Pre-Analysis

We studied the analytics, targeted demographics and customer behaviours – i.e. via heatmap recordings review – across digital channels. We delved into the demographics, questioning:

  • Who are the audience at a glance?
  • What content attracts them the most?
  • What are they searching for (Search Console & AdWords Search Terms)? To buy a car, go on a vacation, pay bills etc?

Across their website we undertook:

  • Heatmap Scrolling
  • Customer-Journey Mapping 

Step 3: Audience Segmentation

We then profiled the target prospective customers, and grouped them into buying personas:

  • Young Adults: 18 Y/O – 34 Y/O
  • Family Man/Woman: 35 Y/O – 54 Y/O
  • Retirees/Seniors: 55 Y/O – 65+ Y/O

Step 4: Content and Channel Strategy

We then planned and created campaigns – radio and digital – crafting visual and copy content that would resonate with prospective customers. Throughout this final stage we continually questioned and addressed specific areas at play:

  • What kind of content (copy and visual) best represents each persona?
  • Which headlines and descriptions should we use to address the customers friction points?
  • Which channel should we use for a particular campaign?

Results affirm effort

Using data-based analysis, audience segmentation and hyper market research, we delivered A+ results which included:


Increase in clicks


Increase in Started Applications


Increase in Completed Applications


Decrease in Cost Per Started Application


Decrease in Cost Per Completed Application


Decrease in Cost Per Approved Application

What they said . . .

“Cory and the team delivered were exceptional. They delivered on results beyond expectation and worked beyond measure to understand the inner mechanics of our business. They thorough, prompt and innovative approach ensured the best results for all. We couldn’t be happier.”

Written by: Cory Gordon 

Cory will be your key contact for all things marketing.

With 20 years of marketing experience in businesses of all sizes, industries and segments (we’re talking SME, large global organisations, B2C, B2B, retail, education, automotive, and fashion), he has the ability to add real value across all levels of an organisation.

More than just a senior marketer, Cory is your general nice guy, he is a father and a husband, and a lover of all things Star Wars.

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