How we’ve helped

At Roger, Roger Marketing we work hard to deliver results that really matter to our clients.

We do this by becoming a part of their team and truly understanding what matters to them, and their customers. Add some clever thinking, great creative, a lot of data and even more testing…and well, that’s when the results happen – like these ones:

Marketing professionals discussing various digital marketing case studies that helped clients achieve great business results.
A website showing a 594% increase in application completion through the implementation of tracking and data systems.

594% Increase in Application Completions

By implementing some clever tracking & data systems, along with a solid testing & learning approach we were able to drive a massive increase in customer application completions.

A page showing a 100% increase in residential inquiries and overall website engagement by implementing key strategies & systems.

100% Increase in Residential Inquiries

When our client’s website management was left to fall through the cracks the outcome was destructive for business growth and development. Through implementation of key strategies and systems we increased overall website engagement.

A graph showing a 45% increase in customer inquiries by implementing specific website audit & customer-journey processes.

45% Increase in Customer Inquiries

Greater Conversions + Sales Support – We Made it a Working Man’s Website. By implementing and actioning specific website audit & customer-journey processes, we increased overall website engagement.

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