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Ok Boomer: Marketing to Gen Z

Reaching out to the Gen Z can be challenging, are you using the same platforms but struggling to get them to notice your business? Us boomers have spent our days, talking face to face in the industry over the years, whereas millennials have grown up on the internet and are more diverse than ever.

Gen Z’s age range is five to twenty-five-year-olds; they spend about ten hours a day online. Meaning they see a tonne of marketing. Their attention span is around eight seconds; in those 8 seconds, you have to show them something eye-catching.

Here are ways you can market to them:

Marketing to Gen Z


of the global population are Gen Zs. They account a whopping $44 billion in buying power.

Content creation Gen Z

Content Creation

To make content that the Gen Z will engage with and when marketing towards this audience you need to think about what they are thinking about – environmental issues, social issues and other things that they are passionate about.

They love getting involved and taking action. Your brand needs to preach your values and be authentic; if they share the same values, they will most likely want to support your brand.

Creating relationships with the content creators and the followers are vital; to earn trust in your brand. Almost half (44%) of Gen Z has made a purchase decision based on a recommendation from a social influencer. They place their trust in what influencers market.

Influencer marketing is going to become a $15 billion dollar industry by 2022 and it shows no sign of slowing down.

What style should you use?

Struggling with how you should style your content to capture Gen Z’s short attention span? It would be best if you got them hooked on your marketing content in a few seconds. Otherwise you’re just another ad they scrolled past by.

You want your style to remain consistent throughout your brand. When selling to Gen Zs you want to sell an experience rather than a product. They grew up on the internet and they know a marketing campaign when they see one. You want them to think they need your product or business, not listen to how good your business is.

According to Mention, 25% of what you sell is your product. The additional 75% is the intangible feeling that comes with said product.

Marketing content gen z
Gen z chanels

What channels are Gen-Z on? 

What channels does the Gen Z spend a majority of their free time on? Platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and the list goes on. It’s essential to know what channels are currently trending, as Facebook used to be a Gen Z favourite and is now mainly used by older generations. Having the right channel can pivot your business right to Gen Z.

When they goes online, they are mostly using their mobile, so make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Market research shows that 85% of Gen Zs learns about new products on social media. You want to make sure you market correctly on these channels as you can be easily scrolled past. Even though the digital world is changing, it’s about gagging the right channels to reach your audience.

Video marketing is beneficial when marketing towards Gen-Z as they turn to watch videos in spare time, as its interactive. It becomes more of an experience rather than an advertisement.

How will you change your marketing to get Gen-Z attention?

Gen Z comes with many challenges and opportunities when marketing towards them; they have started a whole new era of digital marketing. Once you have nailed their slang, trends and where they spend most of their time, you are ready to go!

To do:

Regularly post

Mobile friendly, Gen Zs are always on their phones 

Capture their attention

new era of digital marketing

Be trendy

Be authentic

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Written by: Cory Gordon

Cory is your key contact for developing a strategy that could hit your target demographic.

With 20 years of marketing experience in businesses of all sizes, industries and segments (we’re talking SME, large global organisations, B2C, B2B, retail, education, automotive, and fashion), he has the ability to add real value across all levels of an organisation.

More than just a senior marketer, Cory is your general nice guy, he is a father and a husband, and a lover of all things Star Wars.


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